5 facts about 366 easy chair

A collection of the most important facts about 366 easy chair, which we revived in 366 Concept.

1). The 366 easy chair was designed by Joseph Chierowski in 1962. The furniture became popular accidently, as a response to the urgent need of new furniture designs after the fire that destroyed the factory in Świebodzice, Poland.

2). The furniture became very popular. Between the 60’s and 80’s over half a million items of 366 easy chair were manufactured by The Furniture Factory in Świebodzice, Poland. It quickly became the object of desire of every Pole.

3). The easy chair legs have been arranged in the shape of scissors with visible screws interconnecting the easy chair. They were not in the original Chierowski’s design, however, they have been used because of the lack of appropriate fixings.

4). In the year 2014, 366 Concept 366 easy chair based on exclusive license to the copyright. After more than 50 years since the premiere of the furniture, easy chair obtained the target form about which dreamed its designer – screws connecting seat with its legs were hidden.

5). The new version of the 366 easy chair was awarded in the Must Have 2015’s plebiscite, which proves that good design is timeless, and 366 easy chair designed by  Joseph Chierowski is a true icon of Polish design.

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