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366 Concept in Austria – Vienna Design Week

Together with Lifestyle we prepared an exhibition of Polish design, which was presented in Vienna during Vienna Design Week held between 25.09 – 04.10.2015. The exhibition was an unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Polish design, main ideas which it grews and the direction in which it’s moving now.

The exhibition under the name of Polish Design Stories (presented earlier in the Lodz Design Festival) was aimed at presenting the history of Polish design in chronological order, as well as on the basis of available data objects. Its entered the daily spatial and recognition.

During the exhibition we presented objects with the current status of legends such as 366 easy chair raised by us, but also less known installations and objects that can be described as ,,experimental”. Despite specific theme exhibition attracted a lot of interest from visitors who were curious about the subject of Polish design. In our opinion, it’s the real reason for joy and motivation to work on further exhibitions .

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