366 SERIES  • download product card and check prices

366 is a series of furniture based on the legendary model 366 easy chair, designed by Józef Chierowski in 1962, and back in production since 2014 under exclusive licence to 366 Concept. Its smallness and comfort make it ideal for flats and commercial premises.

Apart from the easy chair, the following are available: 366 PLUS, 366 junior (for children), rocking chair, double-seater,  3 sizes of coffee tables and a pillow.

367 SERIES  • download product card and check prices

A series of furniture designed as a tribute to Józef Chierowski and his model 366 easy chair. The 367 easy chair is the contemporary reinterpretation of the icon – small, shapely and comfortable. The easy chair has been adapted to meet today’s standards, and is more ergonomic, minimalistic and transportable than ever, now that 3 of them can be stacked. It is ideal for waiting rooms, offices and restaurants.

The series has been designed by young Polish designer working in the Netherlands – Jaro Kose.

BUNNY SERIES  • download product card and check prices

Reedition of the classical chair type 300-177, which takes its name from the characteristic armrests in the shape of a bunny ‘s ears . It’s definitely one of the most extravagant projects implemented into production in Poland in the 60’s and 80’s, whose timeless form still impresses. Bunny easy chair is compact and suited perfectly to the interior inspired by the aesthetics of mid-century or Scandinavian design. The easy chair was supplemented with modern designed double-seater.

Authentic design guaranteed

Manufactured in Poland

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